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By: Cynical Puppet
03/13/14 @4:51:29pm
By: Cynical Puppet
03/05/14 @10:45:50pm
not sure teton. I've gone back to gradschool, so between that, two jobs, wi
By: Cynical Puppet
02/16/14 @4:10:44pm
By: Cynical Puppet
02/12/14 @4:50:55pm
Ranking Big 12's top assistant coaches

By Brandon Chatmon |
By: Cynical Puppet
02/12/14 @4:43:34pm
By: Cynical Puppet
02/05/14 @4:09:04pm
OU's class breakdown by state.

AL: 1 (Orso)
GA: 1 (Br
By: longhorn99
01/30/14 @7:42:12pm
Hey it's the KU fans who are MIA from the basketball board But the KU domi
By: Cynical Puppet
01/24/14 @8:24:25pm
good win for Texas. Tough conference this year though. My Sooners are surpr
By: Cynical Puppet
01/24/14 @8:22:53pm
They probably aren't sucky anymore...they might just get coached! :P
By: longhorn99
01/23/14 @9:54:25pm
I am happy about the Charlie Strong hire. Not expected this but pleasantly
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