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By: Cynical Puppet
08/09/14 @11:00:46pm
I know I directed most of you here, but thought I'd show you all a new boar
By: Caprock Capers
08/05/14 @1:18:48am
Is Kingsbury hiding something? He has new recruit Collin Bowen listed as a
05/09/14 @4:39:07pm
ESPN has "FLORIDA" projected to start 2014 ranked @ 25. IS this f
By: Cynical Puppet
03/13/14 @4:51:29pm
By: Cynical Puppet
03/05/14 @10:45:50pm
not sure teton. I've gone back to gradschool, so between that, two jobs, wi
By: Cynical Puppet
02/16/14 @4:10:44pm
By: Cynical Puppet
02/12/14 @4:50:55pm
Ranking Big 12's top assistant coaches

By Brandon Chatmon |
By: Cynical Puppet
02/12/14 @4:43:34pm
By: Cynical Puppet
02/05/14 @4:09:04pm
OU's class breakdown by state.

AL: 1 (Orso)
GA: 1 (Br
By: longhorn99
01/30/14 @7:42:12pm
Hey it's the KU fans who are MIA from the basketball board But the KU domi
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The opening weekend is in the books. From the perspective of wins and losses, the weekend went pretty much as expected. The manner in which the three league teams lost was a surprise. In the cases of Oklahoma State and West Virginia both teams accounted w ... [Read More]
Date: September 01, 2014 | Written By: TheLaw
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The 2014 football season kicks off this weekend. After all the weeks of strength and conditioning, spring drills, summer workouts, two-a-days, as well as the efforts to remain ... [Read More]
Date: August 26, 2014 | Written By: TheLaw
It's not The Law's style to don the sandwich board proclaiming “THE END IS NEAR”. That said, when it comes to major college athletics, the end is near.

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors have restructured how schools and conferences will ... [Read More]
Date: August 08, 2014 | Written By: TheLaw

Three weeks after describing his team’s performance as “soft” it was no challenge to see the excitement on Coach Bill Self’s face. In a rematch of a game where Texas exposed Kansas’ weakness on the inside, the Jayhawks wasted no time putting it to ... [Read More]
Date: February 23, 2014 | Written By:
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